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English # 1 - Grammar / Present Simple

Afirmative Form of Present tense
Forma afirmativa no tempo presente

I / You / We / They - want, go, take
She / He / It - wants, goes, takes

Negative Form

Forma negativa

I / You / We / They -  do not (don't) want, go, take.
She / He / It - does not (doesn't) want, go, take.

Interrogative Form / Questions.

Forma Interrogativa / Perguntas.

Do I / You / We / They -  work? - Yes, I do / No, I do not (don't).
Does She / He / It - work? - Yes, She does / No, She does not (doesn't).

Introduction to de Present Simple Tense

The Present Simple is one of the verb forms, in this tense of the verb, is usually to describe:
Facts, or things. (it always rains in winter)
Habits. (she always wakes up at 7am)

Most verbs add "s" for third person She / He / It (want - wants, go - goes, take - takes)
But the verbs ending with "ss, sh, ch, x, o" at the end of word, add "es" (pass - passes, wash - washes, relax - relaxes, go - goes).

The Questions

Always put the question word in the bigining:
Why - doesn't you tell me?
Where - do you going?
When - does he, arrive here?
What - happens?
Who - Is she?
How - do you do?

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